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Macronutrients Changed My Life

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I trained hard through the spring and summer. I had a goal to compete in the 2018 Whitewater World Championships in November in Argentina. I wanted to achieve as much as possible in the Masters Division. And I didn’t want to let my teammates down.

As the summer progressed I struggled with recovery. Each workout would leave me wasted, and it took days to recover. If I dared two workouts in a day it would be three or four days until I could move again.

I ate strict Paleo. I did not drink. I didn’t eat sugar. My sleep was good and I took my supplements. I couldn’t figure it out.

One day I was complaining to Coach Alyx, and she asked if I was willing to change what I ate. I, like everyone, am LOATH to change how I eat. But I was desperate. I said “let’s give it a go.”

She had me download My Fitness Pal and track what I ate for 3 days. I’m a Luddite so it took me that long just to figure out how to use the app! She already knew a lot about me, and what my goals were. After seeing the macronutrients of what I ate she knew that I would feel better quickly when I cut WAY back on the fats and did a HUGE increase on the carbs and even proteins. She used her tricky macronutrient calculator to figure out exactly what I needed. The next part was all up to me.

I had to learn to count the macronutrients I consumed at EVERY meal! That part was hard for me. We have a NO PHONE rule at the table in our family, and I was constantly having to ignore everyone at the table to get up and figure out what I was actually consuming. I confess that it was a challenging and sometimes frustrating experience at first. It was also revealing and educational.

I got through it, and my recovery improved overnight! I also leaned out in the process. But aesthetics were not the goal. Performance was the goal, and counting macronutrients worked for both. Bonus!

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Oh yea, and our team did very well at the Whitewater World Championships. My body held up, and we won!