AntiRx Lifestyle Modification Program

Why choose AntiRx?

Welcome to a transformative journey towards wellness with the AntiRx Lifestyle Modification Program. Partnering with Wine Country CrossFit, we're proud to introduce a pioneering approach to health that prioritizes you:

  • Evidence-Based Protocols: Reduce your dependency on prescription medication through scientifically backed methods.
  • Personalized Fitness Guidance: Receive fitness plans tailored to your unique blood work, ensuring the right fit for your body's needs.
  • HSA/FSA Benefits: Enjoy the added advantage of program coverage under your HSA/FSA plans, making your health investment smarter and more accessible.

About the Program:

The AntiRx Program, crafted by Dr. Ikenna Nwamba, marks a significant milestone in lifestyle modification. With degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a residency at the University of Miami, Dr. Nwamba brings a wealth of knowledge and a heartfelt passion for enhancing health without reliance on medication. His concierge primary care practice in Miami, FL, is the foundation for this innovative program.

In 2023, Wine Country CrossFit became the first gym in the U.S. to adopt this life-changing program, embodying our shared vision of empowering individuals to lead healthier lives through informed lifestyle changes.

Irena's Journey: In just five weeks, Irena shed 9.9 pounds of fat and was able to discontinue her blood pressure medication, showcasing the program's immediate impact.
Chris's Transformation: Chris experienced an 8-pound weight loss and reduced his insulin injections from daily to once a week within the same five-week span, highlighting the program's effectiveness in managing diabetes.


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- Team Wine Country

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