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Thrusters and Clusters

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thrusters in the doldrumsHow’s your Whole Life Challenge going?  This second week can get a little tedious–your body may not have fully adapted to the positive changes you are making for yourself. The scale, if you must use that measure for your success, hasn’t moved much (or as much as it did at the end of last week) and you may be starting to wonder if all of this upheaval is really worth it. This week and the one coming can certainly feel like you are in the doldrums. Try to stay the course. The more “by the book” you go in this phase, the easier it will be to give up those bad habits and food choices you were allowing yourself in the following weeks. Pretty soon you’ll start feeling sorry for all your friends and family who can’t stop themselves from eating pizza and donuts and drinking copious amounts of wine and margaritas. Support yourself and check into the Whole Life Challenge Blog and keep up to date with healthy living practices–Slow Food Napa Valley is a good resource.  You will be a whole new YOU at the end of this challenge!


Friday’s WOD

Thrusters – Find 3 Rep MaxThrusters

For Time:
400M Run
3 Thrusters (95/65)
400M Run
6 Thrusters (115/85)
400M Run
9 Thrusters (135/105)
400M Run

Cash Out: 20 Pull up Challenge Superset with 10 GHD Sit ups

Barbell Club

Cluster 4×1 at 75% of 1RM C&J

Box Squat 4×3 Touch and Go

Push Jerk 4×2 60% of 1RM C&J

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