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Squats & Hammer Gone Bad Redux

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Did you catch the CrossFit California Regionals competition this weekend? Exciting stuff, with the team competition and the individuals laying it all out there–it is very inspiring (and pretty humbling) to see these athletes accomplish what they did this past weekend. Speaking of this past weekend and specifically Monday–if you happened to do Murph–please be sure to take care of yourself and keep hydrated, mobilize your shoulders, traps, and lats, and RECOVER. If your triceps are screaming at you from all of those pushups and pullups, grab a friend and try this one out:

hammer gone bad reduxNow, for today’s work, let’s keep in mind some things we discussed the last time we did this workout (and while we are at it, maybe try to get a better score than you did last time too, now that you know what you are doing). “Keep it simple. We are not training for the Sledgehammer Olympics. Vertical and diagonal swinging are the two most effective sledgehammer variations. As an athlete, you have several training objectives. Do not complicate the process by creating elaborate swinging techniques. Stick with the basic movements…It will feel natural to start the sledgehammer from your dominant side. For example, if you are right handed, it is natural for you to swing from right to left. It may feel awkward to swing the sledgehammer from your weak side. One of the benefits of sledgehammer training is its ability to even out your left and right sides. You will become more coordinated with your non-dominant hand.”  ¹


Tuesday’s WOD

Pausing Front Squat. 3×5. Start at 65% of 1RM. Linear Progression. Add 5# each week. 3-second count at the bottom. Today should still be on the light side with incredible focus on form.

note: Beginners just out of On Ramp are working on straight front squats with no pause.


Hammer Gone Bad Redux:

3 Rounds with 1-minute rest between rounds:
1 Minute Sledge Strikes R
1 Minute Sledge Strikes L
1 Minute Dumbell Hang cleans (50/20)
1 Minute Box jumps (24/20)

Add total number of reps for score

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