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Save Wild Animals & 17.3

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Save Wild Animals & 17.3

Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa saves wild animals. This Napa non-profit that was started in 1991 does a lot of good in our community. They are having a fundraiser on April 28th. Mark your calendar now for the Wild Night At The Castle! Napa Wildlife Rescue is the licensed organization in Napa County permitted to rehabilitate, then release healthy wild animals back into their native habitat. They provide a unique and valuable service to the Napa community. Don’t miss this fun party, and an opportunity to show your support.

The presence of healthy wildlife is a barometer of healthy ecosystems and habitats. Birds of prey such as hawk, falcons, and owls are a key factor to the continued health of the viticulture Napa is known for worldwide. Raptors are a natural deterrent to the over-population of rodents that can cause untold damage to crops/root stock/vines.

Napa Wildlife Rescue rehabilitates several wildlife species within Napa County. Some of the most frequently rescued, rehabilitated and released animals include songbirds woodpeckers, quail, dove, crows, ravens,  pheasant, wild turkey, owls, eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures and waterfowl.  They also rescue, rehabilitate and release mammals including squirrels, jackrabbits, fawn and deer, raccoons, opossums, foxes, and bats.  On occasion the center also receives coyotes, and bobcats.  The rehabilitation process starts when members of the public bring  orphaned, kidnapped, ill, injured, or distressed wildlife to the Silverado Veterinary Hospital, which is currently our intake center.  Trained Napa Wildlife Rescue volunteers check the hospital for animals (three times a day in high season and once a day in low season) and animals are transported to the appropriate species rehabilitator.  All rehabilitators have advanced certified training.  Healthy animals are released back into their native habitats in accordance with strict species-specific release protocol. Napa Wildlife Rescue works closely with animal agencies, county and state park systems, and law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Fish and Game in Napa County, and the greater bay area.  We also network with other rehabilitation centers exchanging information pertaining to wildlife care. The organization is dedicated and committed to the animals in our community by continually expanding our education to improve the care given.

These guys do great work, and they are having a fundraiser on April 28. Join the Wild Night At The Castle on April 28 to support this great organization. Not crazy about wild life? Use this as an opportunity to see Napa’s very own castle. Most days in order to see a true castle you must travel south to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle, or to Europe where they abound. But we have Castello di Amorosa right here. By attending Wild Night At The Castle you hit two birds with one stone!

17.3 Was A Doozy!

The Rookies Lauren and Derrick did a great job, both making it to the 8:00 and 12:00 minute cut-offs. They dug deep, and both showed tremendous heart. One of the beauties of The Open is seeing athletes do more than they ever dreamed possible. We got to see that in action on Thursday night in our Rookie Rumple Head to Head.
Friday Night Lights held plenty of excitement too. The kids did it. The adults did it. There was cheering. Dramatic faces. And over the weekend we saw more people come thru and complete 17.3!
Save Wild Animals & 17.3Save Wild Animals & 17.3 Save Wild Animals & 17.3 Save Wild Animals & 17.3 Save Wild Animals & 17.3 Save Wild Animals & 17.3
Save Wild Animals & 17.3 Save Wild Animals & 17.3

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