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Press and Neck Work

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neck workFor a special focus today, we are doing some neck work. A stronger neck can and does lower the risk of everyday neck pain. I’m sure you’ve woken up with a stiff neck one or two times and wow, does it ever make other routine actions difficult sometimes. Our Pimp Your Pulls program today is going to help build up a stronger neck that will help reduce these aptly named “pains in the neck.” Athletes of all sports may find a stronger neck the most useful. Also, when times can get stressful, the traps and neck area tense up the most often. To attenuate the tension,¬†stretches can help a lot. Having a stronger neck though, can reduce tension in the first place. A¬†stronger neck can also prevent “whiplash” (like when you are doing sit-ups for time) and can help mitigate the stiffness you experience after doing 100 wall balls from looking up the entire time.

“A new study on women with neck pain found that specific strength training exercises led to significant prolonged relief of neck muscle pain, while general fitness training resulted in only a small amount of pain reduction.”


In regards to Pimp Your Pulls, the neck work today is going to support all of the work you do with the muscles related to the neck that you use to pull things and stabilize while doing the pulling work: the Levator Scapulae, Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid.


Tuesday’s WOD

Strict Press


Pimp Your Pulls

Neck Lifts & Twists


Complete 3 rounds for time of

30 Double Unders

20 DB Overhead Walking Lunges (50/30)

10 Push Ups

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