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New Programming, Back Squats

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New Programming

We are making some changes in our programming that we think all will like and benefit from.

First, we are completing the Push Up Program so please test your ME push ups and get them up on the board. Image result for push ups images new programming

Second, we are doing away with Benchmark Mondays so that we have time to add in more strength training. Our belief is that strength transforms on all fronts, and so you will see more of that each week. You will continue to see Benchmark WODs, but they will be in a more random fashion instead of each Monday.

Image result for abdominals images new programmingThird, we are starting a 30 day Abs of Steel program. It begins with a 2 minute Max Effort Sit Up, and this will be your baseline for the month. Every day for the next 30 days there will be specific core work in our programming. If it’s not in the WOD it will be supplemental and specific. At the end of our 30 days we will retest our Abs of Steel and celebrate our gains. Strength through the midline is everything, and we know this will pay dividends in all your CrossFit movements.



Monday’s WOD

Complete ME Push Ups and mark on boards.

2 Minute ME Sit ups. This is our benchmark for our next 30 day focus which is called Abs of Steel!

Back Squats 5×5
Add 5# to last week’s working weight.


WOD 5 rounds

15 Kettlebell Swings (35/53)
10 walking lunges with bell Overhead. Alternate sides each round. Start on weaker side.

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