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How To Change The World?

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Do The Opposite Of What You’ve Been Doing

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, suggests that we do the opposite of what we’ve been doing:

“I don’t say alternative, I say it’s the reverse. Everything we have done is the reverse of conventional. They go to the city, we go to the village. They go to men, we go to women. They say people should come to the bank, we say the bank should go to the people. They say you need to be job seekers, we say job creators. They say business is about maximizing profit, we say forget about profit, all we want to do is solve problems. Everything is opposite. In the new civilization, everything has to be done in the reverse way.”

Read the rest of Professor Yunus’ article here.

I discovered this inspirational quote and thought of how it applies to our health and well-bring. On Mondays we talk about nutrition.  If your nutrition is completely on track then consider the above quote in another context. But if you are like many of us and there is room for improvement on the nutrition front, think about what you can do opposite today: Trade out diet soda for soda water. Trade the pop tart for an egg and toast. Eat a salad instead of french fries, etc.

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