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Sunday, March 29 Update

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Happy Sunday Evening, Day 10: Shelter in Place.

We have switched our CrossFit LIVE Classes to 9AM Monday thru Saturday. It’s always the same link for access. Find it HERE.

Boot Camp Monday thru Friday LIVE is at 7AM. Join HERE. Recorded versions for both classes can be found daily in SugarWOD and on Facebook after 12 noon.

We are pleased to have a few new things for you this week:

Coach Lyndsey has started the 100 Burbee Challenge. Today is day 5, so get 15 burbees done right now, and tomorrow you do only six! Follow along in our Members Only Facebook Group. Spread those burpees throughout the day, and even count the ones you complete during your workout.

Coach JC is offering a LIVE Kinesiology Taping Webinar Thursday at 3PM. Learn to tape yourself or your pals for pain relief and performance. Sign up HERE for the FREE webinar.

We ask two things from you: First, how about some pictures of you doing the workouts at home? Second, let us know how we’re doing with the online classes, and how we can improve.

Here’s to a great week for all of us!

Friday, March 28 Update

Happy Friday Night, Day 8: Shelter in Place.

Saturday morning, tomorrow, we offer you the following LIVE classes:

-8AM Boot Camp with Coach Aly. Join HERE
-9AM CrossFit with Coach JC. Join HERE
Also tomorrow, my twin sister Christa hosts her LIVE Anxiety Down, Well-being Up at 11AM. Join HERE to feel amazing for the day

-Next week our LIVE CrossFit Classes move to 9AM

Meanwhile, we hope you are finding your groove in this new reality.

We love you, and we thank you for all your support!

Beth and your team of coaches

Thursday, March 27 Update

Please note the following:

-Next week our Live CrossFit Classes will move to 9AM

-SugarWOD is FREE. We pay for it so you don’t have to! Find it in the App or Play Stores. Download it. Create an account. Find our gym. Use code WCCF2018 for access. Find the recorded classes in At-Home Program each day, and also on Facebook

Tomorrow, Thursday, use the links below to get on the Live Classes.

7AM Boot Camp – Access live class HERE

8AM CrossFit – Access live class HERE

Keep moving. It’s the panacea!

Beth and your team of coaches

Wednesday, March 25 Update

Happy Wednesday. It’s the end of Day Six: Shelter in Place, for those who are counting.

Should you miss our Live Classes, to which the links are below, be sure to find the recorded versions. On SugarWOD look in the middle of your screen for Workout Of The Day. Next to these words is a small arrow. Click the arrow and find At-Home Program and the recordings! We also post them daily on Facebook.

7AM Boot Camp – Access live class HERE

8AM CrossFit – Access live class HERE

-We are building the online platform so that we have more to offer YOU, our community. In the meantime we would LOVE some pictures of you all working out at home. Will you kindly send a few our way???

Tuesday, March 24 Update

Happy Tuesday. It’s Day Five: Shelter in Place, for those who are counting.

Our tech savvy-ness is coming along, albeit far from perfect!

Please join us tomorrow through Friday for our 7AM Boot Camp and 8AM CrossFit Classes. The links below will be the same all week, and provide access to the live classes.

7AM Boot Camp – Access live class HERE

8AM CrossFit – Access live class HERE

Don’t forget, the recorded classes can be found on SugarWOD on the At Home Program Track, and on Facebook. We aim to have them ready for you each day by 12 noon.

-We are standing by you, and we thank you for your support. Your calls, texts and messages mean a LOT to us, and we thank you!

Beth and your team of coaches

Sunday, March 22 Update

Hello WCCF Members,

Happy Sunday, and happy Shelter In Place: Day Three.

Please note the following:

-Monday through Friday this week we will offer 7AM Boot Camp and 8AM CrossFit Classes. The links below will be the same all week long, and will provide access to the live classes

-7AM Boot Camp – Access live class HERE

-8AM CrossFit – Access live class HERE

-The recorded classes will be hosted on SugarWOD on the At-Home Workouts Track. Don’t have this cool app? Download it at the App Store for FREE and join our gym with code: WCCF2018. SugarWOD provides another important touch point: Log your rounds and reps, share fist-bumps, tease and egg-on your workout buddies

-Please send your friends to our blog where they can poach our classes for FREE. Visit our WCCF Members Facebook Page to enhance your life and connectedness

Once we have our online platform more dialed-in we will increase our FREE offerings. Our goal is to add VALUE and COMMUNITY to your lives despite physical separation.

Onward and upward!

-Beth and your team of coaches

Saturday, March 21 Update

WCCF Members,

We hope you all is well as we approach the end of Shelter In Place: Day Two.

Luddites are learning, and here are the recorded classes from this morning:

Boot Camp with Coach Aly – Click HERE

CrossFit with Coach Lyndsey – Click HERE

Tomorrow is Sunday and we will have no live classes. Please feel free to use one of the above links to get your sweat on in the meantime.

Thanks to Coach Lyndsey our online platform is coming along. We are still a bit rough around the edges, but ya’ll are moving and sweating. WE LOVE THAT!

Please visit our WCCF Members Facebook Page to enhance your life and connectedness.

Ya’ll rock!

-Beth and your team of coaches

Friday, March 20 Update

Hello WCCF Members,

We hope you are all breathing deeply as we approach the end of Shelter In Place: Day One.

Last night we saw 50 people come to the gym to check out equipment. Today we ran our first online classes, albeit not without technical challenges.

Our goal is for ALL our online offerings to be available to you at your convenience. AKA recorded. Today were able to offer a recorded CrossFit Class that Corey led this morning at 8AM. You will find it on SugarWOD under At-Home Workouts, and you can do it with one weight or a back pack at home. For mysterious reasons the Boot Camp class is unavailable.

But, Luddites can learn, and tomorrow we intend for the Boot Camp to be available post live class recording as well. Once we have the online platform figured out we will add additional offerings that bring us together, virtually while also enhancing our health and wellness. In the meantime, use these links for tomorrow:

Boot Camp Class – Saturday at 8AM. Join Coach Aly HERE

CrossFit Class – Saturday at 9AM. Join Coach Lyndsey HERE

These links and info can also be found on our website HERE. Our classes and knowledge base are FREE to your friends and family, so please share the links to keep everyone moving.

Stay tuned and stay strong!

-Beth and your team of coaches

Thursday – March 19 Update

We are setting up to bring the fitness, community and vitality of WCCF to you during the shut-down! Our online platform will grow as we figure this out, but to start with we offer you the following classes via Zoom:

-Boot Camp/TRX – Monday-Friday at 7AM, Saturdays at 8AM. Use this link to get into the Zoom Meeting

-CrossFit – Monday-Friday at 8AM, Saturdays at 9AM. Use this link to access the CrossFit Zoom Meeting.

For both of these classes you can join in live, or visit our blog for a link to the recording.

We send immense thanks to those of you that are able to keep your membership going during the shutdown. For those of you in the service industries, we feel your pain. We hope you will participate in our virtual community to stay fit, healthy and as balanced as possible.

Thank you for your continued support!

March 18th – 5PM Update

Last day of classes at WCCF will be Thursday, March 19. This is TOMORROW

Shelter In Place goes into effect on Friday, March 20. We currently plan to reopen on April 8

-Thursday from 6.30-8PM we will be open for equipment borrowing. Check out a kettlebell, a box or a dumbbell for your At-Home Workouts

-At-Home Programming is currently available on SugarWOD. If you are a current user please refresh the feed and it will appear below Workout Of The Day. To join SugarWOD download it from the App Store. Our gym code is WCCF2018

Live classes via Zoom will start Friday. More details on that available tomorrow

-All members have the ability to place their membership on hold. PLEASE note that this is an EXTRAORDINARILY stressful time for our small business and our hourly staff. If you can afford to keep your membership live during this unprecedented crisis, we would be very grateful and it will go a long way to the gym surviving this crisis

We thank you for your continued support!

March 18th – 12 Noon Update

Wine Country CrossFit is still open. Many of our members are choosing to workout at home. But for those that want the structure of class please come in at the scheduled class times.

Napa County has yet to issue the Shelter In Place order. Until that time you can count on us! Please remember these rules: Wash your hands upon arrival. Wipe down ALL your gear and equipment. Wash your hands post WOD. Maintain your social distance.

Here’s a little doozy for those at home:

20 Minure EMOM
5-push ups
10-sit ups 
15-air squats 

Should you fail, the WOD then becomes an AMRAP. Good luck!

Monday March 16 – Gym Is Open

Working out is one of the best ways to stay healthy and relieve stress. Get it done at Wine Country CrossFit.

There are no reported cases of the coronavirus in Napa County. None the less, we have increased the frequency of our cleaning and hand washing.

All of our classes are running per usual. We ask that you abide by the following rules:

-wash your hands prior to class and at the close of class
-continue to wipe down your equipment
-maintain social distancing
-stay home if you have a cold or any other symptoms

Still concerned? Do a workout at home! We have a host of travel and at-home WODS on our blog here. Or try this for a little something quick and easy:

8 Rounds for Time:

10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats

10 Burpees

10 Air Squats

Whatever you do, keep moving and keep the faith!