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Eat Well Feel Great Save The Planet

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Eat Well roasted veggies and steakEat Well

I am now a big fan of Chef Aaron Hodge‘s Fit Meals. In order to eat well I place my order on his website on Friday or Saturday of each week, and they are ready for pick-up on Monday after 4.30PM. When I can’t fit the pick-up into my schedule he even delivers for a nominal fee. Each week I choose from his selection of proteins (pork, fish, chicken or beef) add in a few veggies like roasted parsnips and brussell sprouts or charred asparagus and haricot verts, and he also┬áprovides rice or potatoes for those that like starch. These beautiful meals are super flavorful, organic, and a wonderful solution for the busy lifestyle. Best part: These eat well Fit Meals are $13 per meal, and there is NO garbage or waste as Aaron reuses the containers.

I am also a big fan of Sun Basket and have been using their service for months. I love the unique flavors with every meal, and the spice combinations are always exciting and fun. But when their recipe claims the cooking takes 25 minutes it generally takes me 50. The amount of recycling I generate each week is astounding, and I want a smaller carbon foot print.

Aaron’s Fit Meals are Paleo, organic, fun and easy. CrossFit and Paleo are a match made in heaven. Together they are the fastest way to make change in the body, and the best way to feel amazing. Try out one of these healthy meal solutions and let us know what you think!

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