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DNR Report, Movie Night & Cleans

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We trained for nine months. We committed to training and racing dates that we juggled with busy lives full of family and imagebusinesses. We traveled to Molokai for the biggest ocean race of our lives. On the days leading up to the race we paddld in giant water. When rumors spread that the race might cancel due to harrowing seas I thought “that won’t happen because we are lucky.”

But I was wrong. The annual Molokai to Oahu Wahini Race cancelled for the second time ever in race history. 80 boats were riggged on the beach, and they quickly derigged them so no one could sneak away and make the crossing on their own. We were crestfallen.

Our amazing team was comprised of Canadian Canoe Champions, an Olympic Gold Medalist, a BIG wave surfer, World Champion Outrigger paddlers, the BEST paddler in Hawaii who miraculously chose our team when  a last minute injury left us short and us, regular old Whitewater World Champs. There is a reason we all came together. Somewhere we know that. We generate intensity in the boat. We have fun out of it. Let’s hope stars align and we can show up ready at the starting line again next year.

From left, Anne Delisle, Teresa Wilson, Donna Kamakua, Jody O’Connor, Anik Wild, Juliet Starrett, Beth Rypins, Enav McNeil, Erin McKenzie, Julie Munger.











Movie Night

Friday at 7.30PM we will show the new Rich Froning movie. BYOB including a lawn chair and pop corn!

movie night



Monday’s WOD

Full Squat Cleans – Find 1RM

Novice and Intermediate work from Pos 2
Advanced work from floor

Pimp Your Pulls

2 Minute Plank Hold. Reach armpits to waist the entire time!


Complete 4 rounds for time of

5 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

10 Push Presses

200m Run

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