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Back Squats & Abs of Steel Retest

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This Abs of Steel Retest marks the mid-way point of the Abs of Steel program (since we expanded the program from per last week’s post). Take note of how you do in the retest. Set yourself up to win by making sure you understand how to keep everything tight through the movement.  You MUST touch your shoulders to the ground and your knees to the chest at both ends of the movement for each rep to count. Even when you get tired, nod your head yes and tell yourself you can keep going no matter what!

abs of steel retestabs of steel retest



Monday’s WOD

Back Squats

Add 5# to your previous work load

Abs of Steel Retest / Midway Test

In two minutes complete as many situps as you can. Shoulders must hit the ground each rep, and chest must touch knees at top of movement.



Dumbell Snatch (alternate sides halfway thru. Start on weaker side. IE 11 on L side and 10 on R in first set.) 50/25
Push ups

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