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Back Squats – 1RM and EMOM

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Get your Back squat ON today. Really hoping folks get a chance at getting a new 1 RM. Those of you on the Whole Life Challenge might find that there is some extra oompf in your lifts–we’re getting to that sweet spot of the program where the dietary challenges are taking effect and all that sleep and mindfulness should be keeping you focused and centered. Some newer moves in Pimp Your Pulls programming should challenge you and then we get to do a really fun EMOM that includes shoulder taps! Be sure to work with your coaches on progressions and also understand that EMOMS are meant to be HARD for no more than 30-40 seconds then you rest. If you find that you can’t finish the work at least that quickly, you are doing a different workout (an AMRAP basically) and as this is not the goal for the day, please adjust your reps/weights accordingly!


Wednesday’s WOD

Back Squats – Find 1 Rep MaxImage result for ring flyes exercise EMOM

Pimp Your Pulls

Ring Flyes 3 x ME superset with Ring Push Ups 3 x 8


Image result for shoulder taps crossfit EMOMAlternating EMOM for 12:00

Odd Minute – 10 Front Squats (65%)
Even Minute – 20 Shoulder Taps (back facing wall)

Check out what Coach Carl Paoli has to say about shoulder taps here.

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