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Armistice Day – Remember The Vets

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Armistice Day – Remember The Vets

99 years ago today World War One ended with an armistice agreement that ceased fighting on the Western Front. It went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

For the WW1 buffs alive today this is an important time as we are in the 100 year anniversary of the war. The Americans entered the war exactly 100 years ago. The big offensive of Passchendaele had just ended as soldiers drowned in the mud. (Notice the picture) Troops all along the front line were gearing up for winter and preparing for the spring offenses of 1918. By now, four years into the war, casualties were in the millions.  Hundreds of thousands were missing.

100 years ago today the Americans rolled into Europe. They were training, getting acquainted with the style of fighting practiced in that day. General Pershing was eager to join the battle, but he wanted to make sure his men were ready and adequately trained first. Already there had been a few skirmishes where surprised Americans were surrounded by Germans and taken prisoner. But among the Yanks the morale was high, and they couldn’t wait for their chance to prove themselves in battle.

Tune into our blog on Veterans Day in 2018 to find out exactly what happens, cuz the Yanks got to prove themselves! You WW1 buffs won’t be disappointed.

In 1938 Armistice Day became an official holiday, and after WW2 it was converted to Veteran’s Day. We salute all the people who have served, and we will work hard for you today in the gym. We thank you for your service.