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30 Day Paleo Clean-Up

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Hey you Paleo Enthusiast, come on in and sign up for the Clean-Up. February 8-March 10. Come on in anytime Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, pay your $5, and we’ll take your waist and hip measurements. Remember, this is not a contest, this is a community supported nutritional¬† activity. There are no winners or losers, cuz we are all winners when eating Paleo! At the end we will remeasure, and use the $ you all paid to have a Paleo Film Party.


Want to do the Paleo Clean-up but not quite sure what the nuances of Paleo are all about? No problem. You can do the stepped-up version. Pay $20, keep a food log that you send to us weekly, and we will analyze it and give you specific feedback on how to do Paleo more effectively. We’ll even do before and after pics if you would like for posterity. FYI, these are confidential.


I’m ready to get back on track with my eating, and look forward to doing so with all of you!



Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength Day

Deadlift: Find 5rm

Floor Press: find 3rm

As time allows:

Bent rows 8-8-8
GHRs 10-10-10
alternate between movements not for time

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