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What About The Eating Part?

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For years here at Wine Country CrossFit we indulged in everything Paleo. We hosted in-house Paleo Challenges. We had Paleo Potlucks. We sold Paleo snacks and recovery foods. We saw enormous change in health and vitality for HEAPS of people.

Now we are into counting macronutrients. Paleo is cool. We still love it. But we are trying something different. You might recall that it all started last summer when I was NOT recovering from workouts while preparing for the Whitewater World Championships. Coach Alyx convinced me it was time to try something besides strict Paleo.

Fast forward to now and we are ALL IN! Macronutrient counting is the way. Not only did my recovery improve overnight, but we WON the Worlds in November in Argentina.  I am now convinced that macronutrient counting is not a passing fad. We currently offer private nutrition coaching for those that want to see results. Group nutrition coaching is on the horizon with our first challenge starting in May.

For those at once intrigued and scared at the notion of changing what you eat, please read this great article from one man who slogged his way through the process.

What I learned After Three Months of One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

Our group nutrition challenge links will be up by the end of March. For those ready to go NOW please visit our private nutrition coaching page and see which program is the right fit for you.

Insider trading tip: Last summer I set out to improve my recovery. I happened to lean out around the middle – a lot – and that was an unexpected perk. I now swear by macronutrient counting as the way to go for both aesthetic and performance goals.