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More About Fats!

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Macronutrient counting is all the rage. It’s changing lives in rapid fashion, right in front of our eyes.

I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this forum the dramatic changes that occurred when I switched from strict Paleo to counting macros. My recovery improved overnight and I was able to train and compete internationally only a few months after making the switch. This is no small feat for someone in their 50’s! But the unexpected perk is that I lost weight around the middle. In taking on macronutrient counting I had NO aesthetic goal. I strictly wanted to improve recovery and performance. It took a few months to really learn how to do it, and to figure out how my ideal plate should look. I don’t count the macros everyday now, but I still feel great. Best part beyond my increased vitality; I’m a post-menopausal woman who is skinny around the middle!

The trickiest part about learning to count macronutrients for me was reducing the fats. I LOVE the fats! In Paleo we often say “it’s not the fats that kill ya!” But in order to improve my recovery the ratio between the fats, carbs and proteins on my plate had to change.

Coach Alyx prescribed a macronutrient structure that would help me hit my goals. I had to reduce my fat intake by 50% while also increasing the carbs and protein. This was by far the hardest part, and many days in the beginning I would surpass my fat allowance by the end of breakfast!

Shortly thereafter I would make it to dinner with everything seemingly in order in MyFitnessPal. But the piece of red meat with all the yummy fats on it would derail the entire day!

For those of us coming from Paleo or Whole 30 to macronutrient counting we are ahead of the game in many ways as we already choose relatively healthy foods. But understanding how fats work, and how insidious they are in ALL our foods is a big key to success.

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