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Looking to lose fat, gain muscle, enhance recovery or increase performance? Counting macronutrients is a flexible nutrition program that is catered to your individual goals. With our expert coaching you will march quickly toward your goals. We offer both individual and group coaching programs. Please read on for more info!

Our Individualized Macronutrient Nutrition Coaching program is the ideal option for people who are looking to analyze, heal, and improve their relationship to food. This one-on-one approach is perfect for those of you who are looking to get expert, honest, positive, and supportive guidance to reach their fitness goals. Eating for longevity, health, and improved body composition can be delicious, fulfilling, and a completely life changing habit that can stay with you for a lifetime – if it’s done right.

Food intake changes, ingredient substitutions, macronutrient counting . . . all of this may sound complicated but it can actually be quite effortless and exciting when you’re coached along the way. We’re currently accepting new clients.  We offer various appointment times and options for individualized macronutrient nutritional coaching.


Individual Step-By-Step
Macronutrient Coaching

This program consists of one 45 meeting with Coach Alyx and seven 15 minute meetings spread over eight weeks. Upon enrollment you receive our Intake Survey and food logging instructions.  Your first meeting includes your new macronutrient prescription - custom-made  based on your intake form - pictures, clarification of goals and instructions on how to effectively and easily count your macronutrients.  Follow up meetings include pictures every other week, shopping lists, goal support and tracking, macronutrient tracking direction and support.

During The Step By Step Eight Week One-on-One Program, You’ll Get:

- Education on Macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats)
- Calculation of your MACRO’s based on your height, weight, age, and activity level to reach your individual goals
- One 45 minute meeting at the start of the program followed by one 15-minute weekly meeting with your coach (in-person, over the phone or via Facetime. Every other meeting MUST be in person)
- Accountability and support through the process via email
- Measurements every 2 weeks to track progress

Price: $447 for WCCF Members. $497 for non-members.

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Our Group Nutrition Program offers two levels of participation. Both provide instruction, goal setting, and a competitive opportunity for all participants. This group approach is perfect for those who are looking to heal their relationship with food while receiving support and encouragement. Eating for longevity, health, and improved body composition can be delicious, fulfilling, and a completely life changing habit that can stay with you for a lifetime – if it’s done right. Sign up below to get involved!

Level 1 Nutrition
Dialed-In Macronutrients
$247 - Three Meetings

Learn about macronutrients & how to count them while you play to WIN!

This challenge is an intermediate program. Dialed-In Macronutrients works best for people who go to the gym consistently and have been able to follow a nutrition program successfully. This is for those who are ready to fine-tune their current diet in order to reach big goals. This program takes dedication! We guarantee your success and results if you follow our program methods. Are you ready?!?

This is an eight week program. The first meeting consists of a group discussion where we address the following points:

-Your relationship with food
-Challenge goals
-Macronutrient basics
-How to calculate your personal macronutrient numbers
-Tips for food prep
-Timing of meals throughout the day
-Grocery lists
-How to use our macronutrient tracking app
-Renpho body composition analyzer weigh-in
-Weekly support videos

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Upon enrollment you will be added to our online community group where you can interact with other challenge members and coaches for support. In this group you will receive weekly educational and informative videos from Coach Alyx that are designed to support you during the challenge.

Upon enrollment you will also receive instructions on how to take your Before and After pictures, how to do your own measurements, and where to download our Body Mass Tracking App.

Half-way through the program we will have a check-in for support and questions. The final group meeting at the end of the eight week challenge consists of the following:

  • Reevaluate your relationship with food  via a guided imagery
  • Final Renpho body composition analyzer weigh-in
  • End-of-Challenge celebration
  • Announcement of Challenge winners

First place winner receives $200 prize

Note: Dialed-In Macronutrients Challenge is a game. The participant who changes their body composition the most is the overall winner. However, EVERYONE who participates WINs.

Level Up - Nutrition Coaching Support- $200

Have you signed up for our group nutrition challenges but want more support? Are you ambitious and want to WIN?  If yes, then Level Up is for you! For only $200 you can add eight weekly one-on-one support meetings with this upgrade. Each 15 minute meeting includes intermittent pictures, shopping lists, goal support and macronutrient tracking direction. Level Up is ideal for those who need additional guidance and support in order to be successful during the eight week nutrition challenge.

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Learn what protein is, why more of it helps you lose weight, where to get it in your diet and how much your body needs daily to produce the best results.
Learn how carbohydrates play an important role in your body and what are considered good carbs and not so good carbs and how much of it you need daily to hit all of your goals.
Learn why eating fat is crucial to your diet, how it helps you absorb your daily vitamins, and how much of it you will need daily get you looking and feeling your best.

Challenge Dates

Swim Suit Challenge!

  • Level 1 & Level 2 Start/End Dates
  • Saturday 5/11 Group Challenge Intake Meeting
  • Sunday 7/7 Group Challenge Ends
  • Saturday 7/13 Final Meeting and Winners Announced!

Harvest Challenge!

  • Level 1 & Level 2 Start/End Dates
  • Saturday 9/21(Group Challenge Intake Meeting)
  • Saturday 11/16(Group Challenge Wrap Up Meeting)
  • Saturday 11/19 Announce Winner

- Team Wine Country

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