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House Macros & WCCF Unite

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We are officially the host of House Macros, Coach Alyx Gardner’s unique nutritional system.

Since December WCCF had offered personalized nutrition coaching. Already a seasoned nutrition coach, Alyx began to fine tune her effective methods that help her clients recover faster, lean out and have more energy.

Coach Alyx has done a lot of online and virtual nutrition coaching, but she prefers the benefits that in-person coaching offers. “When there is someone checking in with you, face-to-face, it helps people to be more accountable.”

“You also can’t beat having someone to talk to about your struggles and victories during this enormous life change. Getting that connection with your coach and knowing that she is at your gym to answer any questions and concerns is a game changer.”

Another advantage of doing our in-house nutrition program is that your coach gets to see your performance, energy levels, and recovery during your workouts! All of these things tell us a lot about your nutrition. We can tell how your nutrition program is going with your workout before you see any aesthetic changes.

Coach Alyx’s home as a CrossFit coach, and as a nutrition coach, is WCCF. We are so lucky to have her in our midst! If you are in the Napa Valley and want to improve your nutrition, this is the place to do it. You can sign up here. If you are in a remote location and can’t make it in for the weekly face-to-face meetings with Alyx but still want to benefit from her system, then visit her website and sign up for remote coaching with House Macros.

In short, WCCF is pumped to be the official host of House Macros in Napa!