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Group Nutrition Challenge Is Here

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We are having so much fun and excitement with our new angle on nutrition. Gone is the Paleo focus. Now we are into counting our macronutrients.

It all sounds so complex, but I promise you it’s not! I took it on kicking and screaming last summer and the benefits have proven profound. Not only did my recovery improve overnight, but I lost fat around the middle. Last time I checked almost everybody ;gets pumped with that benefit.

Many people in the gym are transforming in front of our eyes. And now we offer a Group Macronutrient Coaching Program. Do this with a friend. Learn how to eat like this with a family member. Sign up HERE to start the Challenge on May 4.

The eight week Group Challenge is for anyone who wants to heal their relationship with food while learning to eat in a fun and sustainable fashion. Want more info? Read about it HERE.

The eight week challenge includes three group meetings and a mountain of online support. Join the fun now and you won’t be disappointed. In fact you will be overjoyed with the changes in how you look and feel. We call this our Swim Suit Challenge. It’s not yet swim suit weather, but let’s start to prepare for it now. Sign up HERE.