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Zero Cancer Team

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Zero Cancer Team

zero cancer teamOn September 17, the Wine Country CrossFit Coaching Staff will be at the starting line with our Zero Cancer Team for the Zero Prostate Cancer Run in Kennedy Park. We will lead the warm up, and some of us will even do the run! We invite you to join our TEAM. This local event has heart and is home grown right here in our own valley:

unnamed (1) zero cancer teamA Little Background

Once called Daughters 4 Dads, three sisters named Sarah Dunn, Amy Donaldson, and Julie Tofte were born and raised in the Napa Valley. Prostate cancer has greatly affected their lives. Early on, three men in their immediate family were diagnosed at young ages and this disease changed everyone’s lives in their family. On Father’s Day 2014, they lost their father, Mark Memmott, to a long battle with prostate cancer. He was only 61 years old and otherwise healthy. Mark was a very strong man, but prostate cancer overcame him. He battled horrible pain for many years before he passed away. In addition to their father, the sisters lost their grandfather to prostate cancer and their uncle was just recently diagnosed.

There are 2 million men in the U.S. currently living with prostate cancer. After their father’s diagnosis, the sisters became motivated to take a stand against prostate cancer once and for all. Their family is just a small percentage of people affected by this disease, yet, you rarely see prostate cancer awareness– and not many people know blue is the supporting ribbon color. Seeing the need, Daughters 4 Dads have set out on a personal mission to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

With the help of Napa Valley Urology Associates in 2013, the three sisters formed an event called The Blue Ribbon Run 5K. In 2014, Daughters 4 Dads joined forces with ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer, to support nationwide awareness and to raise much-needed funds. They hosted the 5K-run/walk series in Napa and with community support they raised over $88,000! They plan to host this event annually as the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Napa Valley.

Your CrossFit coaches will lead the warm up for this fun run, so come on out and show your support! Join the Wine Country CrossFit Team.

Get Your Grass-Fed Beef While You Can

A lot of articles and information has been posted about Grass-Fed Beef. Here’s a VERY interesting interview with a VERY respected source, Michael Pollan. He covers everything you would want to know about grass-fed meat–what happens when cows are pastured vs. living on a feedlot. What happens to the cow when it is fed other things than it is meant to eat in order to create a meat that is “better tasting.” He talks about the economics of raising cattle and how it affects our everyday lives. It’s fascinating, and you should really take a look at it and then order some Grass-Fed Beef ASAP–it’ll be a key component to feeling amazing during the Whole Life Challenge that we will also be starting on September 17th!
Image result for grass-Fed Beef
Beef shares are available from the Meulrath Ranch located in Carneros. They are accepting deposits for this year’s Fall harvest NOW. Steers are priced on their hanging weight which is approximately 800 lbs. for a grain finished steer. Prices include steers, harvest costs and delivery to Brown’s Valley Market. Buyer is responsible for cutting and wrapping costs, which generally run $1.00 per pound, depending on your cutting instructions.
Whole Steer: $1,600
½ Steer: $800
1/4 Steer: $400
Reservations are first come, first serve. Deposits required. Contact Mike & Kristine Muelrath for more info at or 707-815-5021.

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