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Yoga Rocks at Ubuntu

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I returned from my vacation with very tight hips, for a change, and just couldn’t seem to get them to loosen up. So on Sunday morning I went to Ubuntu for a Yoga class. You may recall that we have partnered with them on Sunday mornings, and CrossFitters can drop into a class there for $10 instead of the normal $18. I took the Level 2 Forest Yoga with instructor Sharon Dawson, and I was blown away. I’m no yogini, but have attended quite a few classes over the years. I really struggle with the flexibility, and love the movements that require strength. By the end of the class I had new hips, the pain in my knee had subsided, and I left the room inspired.


Give Yoga a try. It will make you a better CrossFitter!



Tuesday’s WOD:

Back Squat:  Find 3rm

15 x 40m sprints on the :30

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