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Xfit Games and Good Eggs

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Good Eggs

Remember last week when I mentioned not to get me started on eggs? Well, today I’m going to get started on eggs. This conversation will be ongoing as the way we have access to food in California changes and our understanding of how important it is to eat food locally and from responsible farmers and processors. Did you know this about eggs in California? Now that we are 6 months into Prop 2, it’s nice to see that there hasn’t been any follow up “egg shortage” or mass panic stories at the local market because you couldn’t get eggs. It will be interesting to see over the course of the year if the increase in the overall price of eggs really does cause any significant commotion. This WSJ article is interesting as to the possible economic repercussions from the implementation of the law. Have you noticed an uptick in pricing in your favorite breakfast/brunch spot? It’s likely that Prop 2 is one of the reasons your breakfast tab is going up. But it’s also a start to a greater future for all of us. If every state gets in on the action, the prices will regulate and everyone wins. I guess one of the points I’m trying to make is to not take your food for granted. Every meal has a cost, all the way down the line, and the more of an interest you take in what goes into your body the better off we all get to be.

xfit games pastured chickensWe’ll continue this talk and in the meantime read this fantastic article, showcasing our very own Connolly Ranch here in Napa, about why pasture-raised eggs are the only way to go. ¬†And if you get down to the bottom of the article there are some awesome recipes to check out.


Xfit Games Viewing Party

You’ve most likely noticed by now that we have a flat-screen TV set up in the gym with the CrossFit Games a playing. We are now officially in The Games Season, and this Sunday from 4-6PM is the Finals. Come down to the gym on Sunday from 4-6PM, BYOB, bring a lawn chair if you like, and cheer on those finalists among your friends.


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Friday’s WOD

Strict Press

Find a 1 Rep Max

Bent over Rows

Target 65% of 1RM Snatch

10 Min EMOM

Odd minute 8 burbees
Even Minute 15 Russian Twist with KB (44/25)

Coaches, scale this so that athletes have 15-25 seconds of rest each minute

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