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Words From Our Programmer

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Words From Our Programmer:


Congratulations on finishing the Open; now let’s get to work!  Our programmer’s words are telling us that over the next few weeks you will notice more benchmark workouts, powerlifting and Words From Our Programmerstrongman type work.  This programming direction has two goals: To set some definitive markers we can re-test throughout the year and to build back base strength.  We will have less emphasis on long workouts, but we will spend more time working skills and movements with which you might not be as familiar.
CrossFit is built upon constantly varied, high intensity functional movements, and that is what we are going to hammer during thisWords From Our Programmer next cycle.  Each day you will need to show up focused and prepared to grow.  Classes will keep you moving but rarely will you be able to come in and mindlessly slog through a 30+ minute workout.  Take a look at the link below for a quick background on the CrossFit programming methodology.
As always, if you have any questions or suggestions about our programming, come find me  or get in touch with me (  I’m always happy to hear feedback!
-Richard Tippitt
Level II Coach & Head Programmer