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Wodify Now Live! Cinco De BeastMode

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Wodify Now Live!

wodify now liveWith Wodify now live, Wine Country CrossFit is now a streamlined beast of efficiency. We have been using both Front Desk and Wodify for the last few weeks which had you signing in on the iPad at the door to track your workouts. Thank you for your patience during the transition and we are thrilled to have this new system!




Cinco De Beastmode

cinco de beastmode wodify now live

Get your FUN on and come to the gym at 5ish on Thursday, Cinco de Mayo, TODAY!

For non-members, if you signed up on the Cinco De Beastmode website and made a donation to end hunger in the US, then we welcome you to participate. Please use the Free Intro option to sign in for the WOD.

For non-members, if you want to end hunger in the US but did NOT sign up thru Cinco De Beastmode website, we still welcome you to participate, and we invite you to sign up as a Drop-In here.

Planning to do it RX? Please sign into the Cinco De Beastmode RX class.

Planning to do it Scaled? Please sign into the Cinco De Beastmode Scaled class.

Planning to do it Partay? You got it, sign into the Cinco De Beastmode Party class.

Taco truck and margaritas and a few cervezas will be on hand. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Baby sitter on site so bring your kids!



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