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Wodapalooza & Recovery

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Rich Tippitt working hard with Wodapoolza in mind!

Our very own Dick Tip (aka Richard Tippitt) is flying across the country this week to compete in the Wodapalooza. This great competition is the Miami Fitness Festival that includes face-off weight lifting events, beach sprints and paddling obstacle courses. But the most sought after events are CrossFit, including Elite, RX and Intermediate divisions. Dick Tip is in the latter category. He had to qualify for this event, and he will complete nine wods in three days. We wish him the very best on this exciting adventure!






What Does Recovery Mean To YOU?

For me it means that my body is ready for more work and abuse in short order. When I was a younger athlete (30 years ago…..) I didn’t even know what nutrition or recovery meant. But now I know it’s everything. My latest addition to the quiver of recovery tools is Coromega Max. It’s a yummy tasting fish oil (I know, you thought that was an oxymoron) that comes in groovy little squeeze packets. They have developed a new way of processing so it doesn’t taste fishy, and you get no funky fish burps on the back end! Since it has made a dent in my recovery time I want to share the good word. We will have some soon in the gym for sale, and in the meantime I have sample packets for the inquiring minds among us. Each squeeze packet contains 1200 mg of EPA and DHA, so I do two shots per day. I hope Dick Tip has some of this in his pocket when he goes to Wodapalooza as nine wods in three days requires good recovery!

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