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Why We Keep Moving

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Earlier this month I held my 90 year old mother’s hand while she passed away. I am 55 years old and cavort around the world as an adult. But it was at this moment that I truly grew up and realized why I work hard in my life to help people get fit and strong.

Her physical capabilities at the end of her life inspired me to write this blog. She was an OLD lady! She walked with a cane. She was super hard of hearing. She struggled with balance. She was slow! But she went up and down the stairs until the end. It was only two days prior to her passing that she first accepted help to stand up from a chair. My mom was on the masters swim team well into her late 80’s. She went to the gym. She did exercises in her room with little weights every morning when she awoke.

In CrossFit we worry about our Fran time now. I know a lot of you are thinking about Murph on this coming Monday and if you’ll better last year’s performance. I’m always working on pull-ups and core stability and building strength where I can. Heck, that’s what CrossFit’s all about!

But now I know, after watching my mom, that the real reason we keep building strength today is so we can die with dignity down the road.

A myriad of things can happen that we can’t foresee. But if we stay strong and keep at it the future doesn’t look so bad. That’s why we keep moving.