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Whole Life Challenge & Met Con Day

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Image result for late summer vineyards met conSummer may be winding down, but it doesn’t mean you have an excuse to hide that bikini body!  Some of you might have over indulged with summer BBQs and travel, or maybe you just feel ready to experiment with clean living?  Our Fall nutrition challenge begins on 9/19 (this Saturday!), and we will once again be joining thousands of others on the Whole Life Challenge.  Some of you are new to this, and some of you are regulars doing the WLC.  It’s a very flexible and accommodating challenge, that works for many (but not all – especially if you are a Luddite who can’t stand being tied to logging in each day!)  The best way to understand this challenge is to read about it here .  In a nutshell, it is an 8-week challenge that covers all aspects of wellness, specifically 7 areas:

1 Nutrition (choose your level)

2 Exercise (daily, your choice)

3 Mobility

4 Supplementation

5 Hydration

6 Lifestyle (weekly challenges)

7 Reflection

Daily “logging in” keeps you accountable, as you track your points, and write a few words that are shared with the team – it’s fun to see what your teammates are up to, keep yourself honest, and exchange tips and recipes.  The more members who participate, the more fun it is, and you WILL see changes if you commit to it, that is guaranteed. We hope you will join, and just do your best!!  Join our team, and your friends and family are welcome to join as well! You can even create your own sub-team for your own group of friends. This is a great community building experience and we hope you will join in!

Important WLC dates:
Friday 9/18 Official WLC workout will be programmed at the box
Saturday 9/19 Day 1 of the 8-week challenge
Sunday 9/20 Open Gym at WCCF and WLC workout for those who can’t make it on 9/18
Friday 10/16  Mid- Challenge Paleo Potluck after the evening WOD! Yahoo! It’s a party!
Friday  11/13 Last Day of the Challenge and WLC Workout

met conTuesday’s WOD

Shoulder Mobility is the focus for today.
Then to satisfy our Met Con needs

Complete 3 rounds for time of:

Run around the box
30 Burpees Over the Box (20?)
20 Hand Release Push Ups
10 Strict Pull Ups

Cash Out: Tabata Super Mans. Armpits to your waist or else!

FYI Pimp Your Pulls is included in the WOD today

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