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Whole Life Challenge

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It’s that time of year again. Sign up now for the Whole Life Challenge that starts September 17 and get the early bird discount. It’s a good deal for both those returning to the Challenge and those new to the adventure.

Wait! Hold it! We just did that. It was something about moving everyday and mobilizing and eating all the right stuff and, oh yea, making sure you sleep. It was a good experiment, but we have to sign up for that again already???

Well, we don’t have to, but didn’t you feel amazing when you did all that stuff?

I did feel better when I drank all that water, and my clothes fit great too. But I sure did miss my donuts, and cheese and toast, and sweetener in my coffee. I missed eating the candy they always have on the tables at work.

Well, how do you feel now that you are eating that stuff again? Do you notice a difference?

As a matter of fact my clothes are tighter again, and I’m super tired after lunch. But I thought that was the stress of my job. Maybe I should consider doing it again, but I don’t know.

Just think: If you sign up now you have all of August and half of September to eat junk food and get ready for the next Challenge! Change happens when we commit, so let’s get signed up now. Come on, I’ll hold your hand. We can do it together.

Alright, where do we sign up?


The Whole Life Challenge is an eight week experiment in habit-building, and it’s beneficial for people of all ages. During the eight weeks you will be supported by our online community in making healthy food choices, exercising, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and generally caring for yourself in a fashion that is not common in our stressed and over-busy lives. The first few days can be challenging when we give up the sugars we are so used to, but the pay-off with energy and vitality is non-negotiable. Want more info? Read the player FAQ.

Ready to commit? Join the Wine Country CrossFit Team and feel amazing. Remember, change happens when we commit.


Good Deals In The Gym

-We have a fresh batch of Local Eden Granola for sale. Delicious. Paleo. Makes for a good snack!

-For a limited time only you can get your Knee Caps for $40 instead of $60. Get ’em while they last! Not sure why anyone would need those things? Just try one squat with those things on and your knees will feel yummy and warm.

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