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What If You Could Only Have 10 Foods?

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Usually on my end of the weekend/beginning of the week post, I talk about the benchmark coming up on Monday.  Today I’m avoiding the issue, and if you read lower you’ll see why.  Instead today, I want to talk about food.  There was a great post by Mark Sisson last week over at Mark’s Daily Apple where he detailed the Top 10 Foods I couldn’t Live Without this was drawn out in great fashion by a reader posing a question about being on a trip to Mars and only being able to take 10 foods.  I have to say that I agree on many fronts with him.  Never the less, Marina and I had to come up with our own lists.  Here is Marina’s Top 10:

1) avocado
2) grass-fed skirt steak
3) pasture eggs
4) bacon
5) kale
6) truffle oil
7) blueberries
8) sweet potatoes
9) shrimp
10) mushrooms

As for me, I have to say I agree pretty closely with Marina but I would substitute pasture butter for the truffle oil, strawberries for the blueberries, hamburger meat for the shrimp, and either pistachios or macadamias for the mushrooms.  Honorable mention to some crazy high  end Napa Cabernet (hey, if they can afford to send me to Mars, they can afford good wine!)

What’s on your list?  Post to the comments!



Monday’s Benchmark WOD:




Pull Ups

Compare to: 2/14/11, 10/25/10

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