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What Are You Doing For Your Mobility?

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CrossFit is phenomenal because it makes you strong very fast. There is no other exercise program on the planet that delivers results as quickly as CrossFit.

The other side of that coin is this: CrossFit also makes you tight. This tension must be addressed directly and with effective tools. So, What Are You Doing For Mobility?

Below is a list of choices. Please utilize at least two on the list daily.

  1. Arrive to class 10 minutes early and practice the mobility tricks you have learned to date at Wine Country CrossFit
  2. Stay 10 minutes after class to stretch and mobilize all those tight spots
  3. Visit our friends at MobilityWOD. Much of what we teach in our classes we learned from them, the original movement and mechanics innovators.
  4. Sign up for the Mobility WOD 10 Day Free Trial. When you commit at least 10 minutes a day to your mobility you will move in the right direction. You will be more injury resilient. You will feel better.
  5. Do yoga. There are two yoga centers in Napa. Since I rarely have time to actually go to a yoga class I often do a 15 minute yoga series that I find on You Tube. Just search yoga and the amount of time you have. Get it done right in your living room.
  6. Check out RomWod. I like this program as it gets those joints open. They also offer a Free 7 Day Trial.

Tight muscles are weak muscles. Limited range of motion combined with tight muscles is a sure sign of aging. It is also a recipe for disaster. AKA injury.

Please respond on the comments section and tell us What Are You Doing For Mobility?