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Wellness Wednesday

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Wellness WednesdayI know all you “Gym Junkies” like to go to work, head the gym, go home, and repeat that same routine the next day. Although we love seeing all of your beautiful faces in the gym everyday, we also want to share with you the amazing things that getting outside can do for your health!

You probably think that I am going to give you a speech about getting your daily dose of vitamin D (and I know many of you take a vitamin supplement for that). But getting outside has many benefits, and Vitamin D is just one of them! Here are six more health benefits that are great reasons to get outdoors.

What do you love to do in the great outdoors? Is it hiking, skiing, going to the beach? Report back to us in the comments section, and be sure to include all the perks of your favorite outdoor activity. FYI we also love stories on how CrossFit better prepared you for what you love to do out there.