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Weighted Good Mornings

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Image result for napa valley morning good morningsSpeaking of Good Mornings, last week, we talked about the importance of Breakfast. As in all the meals we consume throughout the day, there is no better time to get in on making your own meals and cooking from home NOW. We are entering into the “harvest” season. Here in Napa, we are no strangers to the “harvest.” The next several weeks leading up to basically Thanksgiving will all be about “harvest festivals” and “harvest tastings” and “harvest balls”. Check it out. In fact, I urge you to check out the Market going down at Oxbow this Saturday if you have the time. Go to 101 Cookbooks to get recipe inspiration (you can filter by season!). ¬†Another way to approach meal planning is to pick an ingredient you are interested in trying out and then finding recipes to match–Epicurious is a good site to do that with. With the upcoming Whole Life Challenge it will be good practice to look at recipes and pull out the ingredients that are not compliant and substitute them with things that are. In fact, many times, a recipe that calls for sugar turns out quite successful by simply omitting it altogether (okay, not most sweet baked goods–but seriously all the sauces and marinades and stews, etc., that have sugar in the ingredient list really are not necessary). The point is, experiment with your food, have fun, and don’t be afraid to screw it up–there’s no better time than now to go for it!


Know what else we are harvesting? Your situps! Yes, that’s right, today marks the end of the Abs of Steel programming! If you’ve been keeping up, we can’t wait to see what this harvest will bring in terms of your increase in core strength.


From Mike Israetal-“Good Mornings much over 10 reps become limited by erector endurance and are no longer much of a hamstring exercise for most lifters. Gotta hit the hams within the limited time that the lower back is still able to support your technique, which is usually 10 reps or less.”

Good MorningsFriday’s WOD

Weighted Good Mornings


Start light here as these will creep up on you with soreness the next day. We will do linear progression here, so work on FORM, and add weight each time this movement shows up. FYI it will be a few times a month.

Abs of Steel Retest!


Complete 3 rounds for meters and reps of:

1 Min Max Distance Row
-Rest 1 min-
1 Min Max Push-ups
-Rest 1 min-

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