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Medals for Team WCCF at Zero Cancer Run!

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Medals from Zero Cancer Run!

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The Zero Cancer Run was a fun community event! We had 10 folks there from Wine Country CrossFit. We saw lots of friends and fitness folks from the community. JC led a GREAT warm up that both got folks moving and made them laugh – just watch out when that woman gets behind a microphone! We learned about prostate health, and three of our folks earned medals! Otavio Marques, Coaches Hilary and Scott all finished 3rd in their age groups! Hilary skipped out before the medals were presented, but we collected on her behalf. The event raised 87K for prostate cancer care and prevention, and 97% of every penny raised actually goes to the cause. Next year sign up ahead of time and go with us!



Shorts on Sale!

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Whole Life Challenge

It has started, and there is still time for you to join the fun. Want to learn more about it? Find out what this Paleo stuff is all about here. Want more energy?¬†Want to lose weight? Want to correct your blood profile? Want to feel good on a daily basis? Even if you say YES to just one of those questions then the Whole Life Challenge is for you. It’s a personal experiment done in an online group setting: How do I feel, look and perform when I consistently change what I eat, how much water I drink, how much sleep I get, and what I say to myself. And it’s fun! Join now.

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51b548dbc832d.imageNapa River Paddle Day

It’s next Saturday, Sept 24! Any kind of watercraft is welcome. If you don’t have your own craft then they can be rented. Any and all are welcome. More info can be found here.


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