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Warrior Mama-In Memoriam

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image warrior mama
Carlos & his Warrior Mama

On this day, we celebrate the amazing lives of two mothers. Carlos’ mother lived to be 63 years old. Ana Gonzalez Hammaker battled cancer a little over three years, and Carlos expressed that it was an absolute honor to care for her throughout the entire journey. The greatest lesson he learned from his Mother was how it feels to be loved.

Gerry Babich lived to be 90, raised nine children, and did a lot of “cleaning” up

Keith & his Warrior Mama

over all the years of parenting. She had a very sweet personality that people were drawn to.

We dedicate this workout to Carlos, Keith and their families.




Thursday’s WOD

Get folks familiar with the clean and send ’em off!

Warrior Mama

AMRAP 25 Minutes

5 Full Squat Cleans (135/95)
Run 200
10 Slam Balls (50/25)
2 Prowler Push (90/50)

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