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Walter Abrahms, Back Squat, Pushing & Pulling

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Check out our very own Walter Abrahms in the Napa Register! This front page story ran on Monday, July 13. When I first moved walter abrahmsto Napa and worked at Health Quest almost 10 years ago I met Walter in the gym. He was then a chef at the French Laundry. An advocate of Paleo Living, he left the French Laundry and started his own energy bar company called Xero, the only kale cashew bar on the market. One day in the gym while working with Chilean clients I greeted Walter in Spanish. When he responded fluently I learned he is Columbian and grew up in Bogota. His first baby will be born in September. He and partner Andy are opening a restaurant in downtown SF. Now we can taste his culinary delights during the week from Dabba, the mobile food truck right here in Yountville. Congrats to Walter on his many successes!


I see a lot of the time that people are drawn to CrossFit because of the big exciting movements that we do. I mean, who doesn’t think that a workout with some snatches, kipping pull-ups and double-unders doesn’t look like great fun. But at Wine Country CrossFit we want you to build the STRENGTH in the more static movements before you take on the dynamic. That means you must learn to push, learn to pull, and learn to stabilize before we encourage you to bring in the dynamic. Hence, today you get to work the strict aspect of these movements. If you don’t have a strict pull-up or a strict handstand push up, then work the scaled version. CrossFit: Something for everyone!


Tuesday’s WOD

Back Squats

Push UP Program

This is the LAST DAY. After this, you rest and retest at the end of this week.


EMOM 10 min

Odd minute ME Strict Pull-ups
Even Minute ME Strict Handstand Push Ups
Scale both as needed

Keep track of your reps on a board. Total reps is your score on the board.

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