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Voting Day Choices

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Need some help on who and what to vote for? We share our preferences with you as voting day is Tuesday, March 3rd!

-For District 5 we vote to reelect Mike Thompson
-In District 3 we vote to reelect Bill Dodd
-In District 4 we vote to reelect Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
-In the fight for Napa CO Superior Court Judge we vote to RETAIN Monique Langhorne
-Napa CO district 5 we vote to retain Belia Ramos
-For treasurer to want Mike Basayne to win
-Measure 13 we voted NO
-Measure K we voted YES

If you missed out on registering to vote for this election don’t worry as there is still time to register for the one in November. You can do that HERE. Civic participation empowers everyone, so try it out!