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Turkish Get-up Hips Hips Hips

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Do you think James Brown was on to something when he was singing his song Get Up (I Feel Like Being a)┬áSex Machine? The bold parts are my addition…


Get up
get up
get up
get on up
stay on the scene

get on up
like a Sex Machine.
Get on up
get up
Shake your arm
then use your form.
Stay on the scene like a Sex Machine.
You gotta have the feeling
sure as you’re born.
Get it together
right on
right on

get up
get up
get up.

I said the feeling you got to get

give me the fever in a cold sweat.

The way I like it is the way it is.
I got mine and don’t worry about his.

[Part 2:]
Get up
get up…

You got to have the feeling get on up

sure as born get on up.
Get it together right on
right on…

(Bridge 1)
hips hips hipsBobby! Should I take ’em to the bridge?
(Go Ahead!)
Take ’em on to the bridge!
(Take em to the bridge!)
Should I take ’em to the bridge?
Take ’em to the bridge?
(Go Ahead!)
Hit me now!
Come on!…

While it’s probably true that he was singing about something else entirely, (wink wink), Mr. Brown is certainly correct in saying you need to “get it together” and I’ll add, use those hips hips hips.



Tuesday’s WOD

Turkish Get up

Work up to heavy doubles on each side. Focus on the early stability and hip drive. For exactly what we mean watch this:

FYI The Turkish Get up is today’s Abs of Steel


For time:

Row 1000 Meter
30 Pull-Ups (strict until you can’t any longer and then kip)
40 Burpees
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
Run – around the block!

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