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Try New Sports!

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“Regularly try and play new sports” is part of the CrossFit prescription, and there is a perfect opportunity on the horizon with a CrossFit sponsored Stand Up Paddleboard race on Tahoe in August. Never Stand Up Paddled before? Well you can learn right here on the Napa River. Napadventure has everything you need to get a feel for this exploding new sport.

The CrossFit Sports Series WOD SUP Event presented by Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards is a chance to check out the latest craze called Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). It won’t take long for first time paddlers to get hooked with the sport as our experts will offer pointers and guidance on the water. After that, you’ll be put to the test with a wet and wild WOD with a little bit of SUP thrown in-a day not to be missed.

Entry includes equipment provided by Hobie, competition CrossFit style, rocking lunch and beverages and commemorative Sports Series gear.


Be BOLD. Go BIG. Try something NEW, as fortune favors the courageous.



Wednesday’s WOD

Pull Ups – 5x max reps
Looking for 5-13 reps per effort.  Add weight/change bands as needed.
If you need practice on your kip, kipping is okay.  If you are comfortable with the kip, work strict.

5 Rounds, 30 Sec rest between Rounds:
Run to telephone pole and back
10 Push Ups
10 Jump touches (9ft Rx)

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