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Transformation Tuesday – Whole 30 Ends Tomorrow

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Transformation Tuesday – Whole 30 Ends Tomorrow

Transformation Tuesday - Whole 30 Ends Tomorrow30 days ago we met in the gym to kick off the Whole 30. This restrictive meal plan is about fueling our bodies with real food that is nutrient dense.

Why put yourself through a program like this? There are a host of reasons including improving health and vitality, loosing weight and improving athletic performance, to name just a few.

A friend of mine from Mt. Shasta saw on Facebook that our gym was doing the Whole 30 and she started it at the same time. She wrote to me today saying “I’m feeling really great and went climbing yesterday. I did so much better than usual and I’m so proud of myself!!!”

Granted, it can be hard to give up those yummy comfort foods that taste good but are not nutrient rich. But the pay-off can be big, both in results and increased belief in yourself.

We set up this Whole 30 to go through Halloween, so that participants wouldn’t even look at the candy! Alas, the firestorms hit Napa which caused derailment for some. When their houses might burn, why not have a drink? For others, the only thing they could control was what they put in their mouth, and that remained their guiding light.

We are all here to learn and grow. To learn about ourselves, our relationship with food, and to see whose really the boss! Regardless of how strict you have been, we hope you have found value. We also look forward to the next food challenge with you so we can embark on the wild ride together.