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Transformation Tuesday – Where Does Change Start?

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Transformation Tuesday – Where Does Change Start?

That’s right. It starts in our thoughts.

We work hard everyday to build strong and healthy bodies. But the most important muscle to flex is upstairs, between the ears.

Take a look in the mirror at your beautiful face. Breath in and out five times nice and slowly, and tell yourself how brilliant and smart and amazing you are.

Now keep looking at yourself, and try on a negative thought pattern. See what happens in the mirror? Do you see the constriction around your eyes and nose and mouth.

Now force yourself to return to the positive comments about your beauty and brilliance. Breath in and out as you tell yourself the TRUTH. And watch your face relax.

YOU have the power to influence those thoughts, and that’s where it all starts! Stick to the positive mindset and amazing things will continue to happen in your life.