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Toes 2 Bar & Dirty 30 WOD

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Femme Royale is less than two months away, so sign up NOW! Wine Country CrossFit is stoked to host this XFIT competition for all women in which there is something for everyone. Just started XFIT and not sure you are ready for this? Well there is a FUN division just for you. There are also 50/50 and RX divisions for the more hardcore. Do you want to participate but you’re not a woman? Well sign up to volunteer for the day (volenteers work until 3PM and lunch is included) and be on the inside of helping a competition run smoothly. This event will sell out soon, so get your spot NOW!


Do you have a shortage of Wine Country CrossFit schwag in your life? Well, we can correct that with a little bit of good old bartering. You get your picture in Front Desk, and we will set you up with any or all of the following items:

image dirty 30 shwag

It’s a win win. We get to see what you look like in our software system, and you get to decorate your car! Not sure how to get your mugshot into Front Desk? Just ask one of the coaches and they will show you the way forward.


Thursday’s WOD

Toes-to-Bar –

Practice kipping toes to bar, focusing on consecutive repetitions as long as possible.

WOD: Dirty 30

5 Rounds of 30 Seconds Each

Hand-Release Push-ups
Wall Balls (20/14)
Coaches’ Note: Shuttle-runs should be 10 meter lengths


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