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Thiago Corona! Squat Cleans & EMOM

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Thiago Gabriel Coronel
Thiago Gabriel Coronel










This beautiful baby was born on September 4th at 3.28AM. He weighed 7lb & 9oz, and is 20 1/4″ long. He is the first beautiful child born to Gizelle Zavalza (of the PM classes) and Oscar Corona . Congratulations to the proud parents!



Femme Royale is 5 weeks away so sign up NOW to reserve your spot. Space is limited so don’t hesitate on this one. Curious what the workouts will consist of? Look right here to see what fun is in store for you and your partner. Want to participate as a volunteer or a judge? Sign up sheets are in the gym by the sign-in kiosk.

power cleans


molokai to waikiki power cleans

Two weeks from today I’ll paddle from Molokai to Waikiki Beach on Oahu. It is a 7-hour crossing through often treacherous and exciting water. Our whitewater team (formerly the US Women’s Extreme Whitewater Team) decided last winter to do some reunion racing, and the crossing is the culmination of our training and racing efforts. Prior to marriage and starting a family I was an endurance athlete, but I never completed events of this duration. So I’ve been learning a lot about refueling and rehydration while in motion. Here’s a clip from a workout we did on Lake Tahoe last weekend.



Finally we ask that you give an extra effort everyday to clean up after yourself and your workout friends in the gym.


Monday’s WOD

Full Squat Cleans


Beginners work from Pos 1
Intermediate from Pos 2
Advanced from Pos 3/floor

Work technique. Build to heavy set of 3.

Pimp Your Pulls:

3×10 Body Rows. Get as horizontal as possible, chest lifted and body tight. Pull armpits to waist and squeeze between shoulder blades to initiate each pull.


EMOM 12 Minutes

2 Cleans (115/155)
10 Double Unders

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