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The Yoga Solution

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As many of you know I have been trying to find a yoga teacher that will come into our gym and offer a stretching/flexibility yoga class for our members. It was months ago when I first put a survey out to all of you, and I have been going down many avenues to find the right teacher since. I found a few “right” teachers, but none are available when we need them on Sunday mornings. We have now partnered with Ubuntu on Main St. to offer yoga for our members. A drop-in class at Ubuntu costs $18. For Wine Country CrossFitters they will charge $10. It is a win win for all. They have lots of classes to choose from, and they offer a squishy stretchy yoga on Sundays mornings, 9.00-10.30AM. For more info please visit their website. When you check in for the class just tell them that you are from Wine Country CrossFit and the discount will be yours!

Thanks for your patience on this one.



Tuesday’s WOD:

Cleans, work from the floor, find 1rm

5 Rounds:
3 Cleans (you choose your weight, weight goes on board)
20 burpees

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