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The CrossFit Open Starts This Week!

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CrossFit Open Starts

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Late February is an exciting time in the CrossFit world and we invite you to join in the fun. The CrossFit Open starts this week, on Thursday, February 25th–at 5PM to be precise. This is the time of year where you get to compare yourself to all the able-bodied men and women from around the world who participate in CrossFit. Check the leaderboards, cheer for your favorite individuals, check to see if that 40-year old woman from Lithuania is kicking your butt. In other words, be sure to have fun!

The workouts for the next six weeks will be geared towards supporting you in your Open efforts while also supporting those who do not choose to take part. While we won’t have the actual workout announcement until Thursday at 5pm, we are programming to make sure your needs are met. It is important, however, to pay attention to your timing, and don’t overreach in these first few days leading up to the workout. BE SURE TO RECOVER. The Open can be a long and grinding road. Try to maintain a good attitude and don’t despair if things get away from you, chances are if you are feeling it, someone else is definitely feeling it so remember you are not alone!

Friday at 6.30 PM we will host our first Open WOD. Arrive at 6PM if you intend to participate so that you can get warmed up and prepared for the WOD. Be ready to judge, and to dig deep to get your own work done. Please also bring something to drink as this is cause for celebration!┬áCan’t make Friday night? Don’t worry as we will host The Open in our 9AM and 10AM classes on Saturday. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!


Monday’s WOD – Pacing

3 rounds

From 0:00-2:00, run 400 meters then double-unders
From 2:00-3:00, 35-lb. dumbbell push jerks
From 3:00-4:00, pull-ups
From 4:00-5:00, 35-lb. dumbbell hang squat cleans

Rest 5 minutes between rounds



Tuesday’s WOD – Front Squat & EMOM


3×5 front squat @ 90-95%


15 min EMOM
min 1: 18/15 cal row
min 2: 3 hang squat clean 205/155
min 3: 10 HSPU



Wednesday’s WOD – Muscle Up Work & 15.3


MU Work



Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:

7 muscle-ups
50 wall-ball shots
100 double-unders



Thursday’s WOD – Go FASTER!


10 ring dips
10 dumbell lunges (50/35)
10 KBS (70/53)
:30 rest each round

***rest 5 minutes
then perform 1 backsquat at 225/165 for each minute the first workout took



Friday’s WOD – All Out Max Effort


2x400m relay ***rest as needed between rounds


3 rounds of max effort unbroken deadlift followed by max effort unbroken pushups with a 2 min rest between rounds


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