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The Open Is Happening!

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The Open is here. If you have not yet signed up now is the time! Do so HERE.

Don’t understand what all this is about? Don’t worry. Just sign up and come to the gym on Fridays after 4.30PM. We will do the Open WODS in heats.

Can’t make it on Friday? Don’t stress You have until Monday at 5PM to get it done and submit your score to CrossFit.

Still don’t get it? Just sign up! You’ll learn a lot. You will have fun. You will be a part of a team. You will earn points for your team by doing fun, silly and outrageous things. Like what? Like…..

-Dressing in costume
-Entering your score
-Taking the judges course
-Making social media posts
-Judging on Saturdays
-Demonstrating team spirit
-Finishing strong
-Supporting others
-Bringing nibbles or drinks to Friday Night Lights

No time like the present. Sign up HERE.

Friday at the gym we will announce the teams. We will have two: Team Flexies and Team No Wine-ing. Our team captains are no other than Coach Alyx and Coach Nick. Get ready for fun!