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The Open Is Complete!

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The 2020 Open has come to an end with a bang! Five demanding workouts spread over five weeks, and we have many successes to report.

We saw inspiring performances, and many firsts: First pull-ups, first pistols, first muscle ups. We also saw new personal records with the Clean & Jerk, Double-Unders and the Deadlift.

We had quite a few new CrossFitters playing the game. The Open can be intimidating, and confusing. But light bulbs went on every WOD and many newcomers are now drinking the Koolaid!

20.5 was particularly exciting with the muscle-ups, chest to bar pull-ups, regular and jumping pull-ups. Just a few of our successes include Jess Rainey completing 35 pull-ups after pregnancy and nursing, (she thought she would get two!); Zachy Zurowski getting 32 muscle ups when his lifetime max was 5; Coach Corey getting close to the muscle up; Dustin Owen from 6AM got his first muscle-up, and David Zurowski surprised himself by getting three. Congrats to all, and not just the few named here.

It was a great community event that revealed both strengths and weaknesses. Now we see where we need to work to get to the next level. So let’s keep on having fun and get it done!