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The Food At The BBQ Was Sumptuous…..

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The Food At The BBQ Was Sumptuous…..

Good food starts with good ingredients. Any chef will tell you that! Grill guy Daniel Gomez Sanchez killed it with the burgers on Saturday. I’m sure the grass-fed, well educated beef helped him crank out those delicious bites, but he clearly had something going on with how he cooked ’em that the average person could not discern. Daniel, will you reveal your tricks?  I overheard numerous people claiming those were the best burgers they had ever had!

But the burgers weren’t the only things that stole the show. Salads, grilled veggies, and Sweet Potato Bacon Salad from the Community Table were crazy good! I have received requests for the recipe so here you GO.

The BBQ was completed with the Almond Joy Cookies! Didn’t get one? No problem. They have four ingredients and you can learn how to make them HERE.

For the record these delectable dishes are not Paleo, but they are gluten free and darn good!