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TGU, Planks, Bridges and Sprints AKA Gymnastics

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Some of you may feel like doing Turkish Get Ups (TGU) is a giant hassle and quite possibly a waste of time. Why are we doing these damned things? It’s so awkward. And hard. Jeez, I just did two and I’m already out of breath. What is up with the people in Turkey? WHHHHHYYYY??!!! Well,

Here’s a short list of everything that we can get from within a single get up: (GREAT ARTICLE HERE)

  • Single leg hip stability during the initial roll to press and during the bridge.
  • Both closed and open chain shoulder stability.
  • Shoulder mobility.
  • Thoracic extension and rotation.
  • Hip and leg mobility and active flexibility.
  • Stability in two different leg patterns – lunge stance as well as squat stance.
  • Both rotary and linear stability.
  • The ability to link movement created in our extremities to the rest of our body.

In the above-mentioned article, the author really likes the last point, and today I really like the idea of building up your shoulder stability. In going to the one rep max today, if you find your arm breaking at any point in the movement or you are unable to keep that “statue of liberty” hold in any way, you have reached your max. It might be lower than you expected, but don’t worry, we’ll be seeing them in the programming again and you have the WOD today to really build up that strength and stability for the next time we test that one rep max.


Friday’s WOD


Image result for bridgesTurkish Get-up Work – learn skill, work up to 1 RM on BOTH SIDES (work on KB or bar)
Bridges/Backbends – Work flexibility and stability, start small!
Planks – 3 Sets of Maximum Effort Holds

Image result for plank boardsWOD –  5 Rounds for time

3 TGU (medium weight, start with weak side)
30 Seconds of Plank Hold
From bottom of the plank, STRAIGHT TO:
5 x 10 M Shuttle Run*

*Shuttle Run is OUT AND BACK (20 meters total, two 10 meter distances with a turnaround)

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