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Level 1 cert, Sumo Deadlifts & Push Press

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Our very own Emilie Wyrick attended the CrossFit level 1 certification this weekend. She is already kicking a#%$@ and taking names, and now she is destined to go even bigger. Not only for coaches, the level 1 certs increase your ability to move and perform. We highly recommend it for anyone of you who wants to improve as a CrossFitter.For a larger version of this picture, from which you will easily pick out Emilie, click here.


Also, CrossFitter Kelly Clendenning has just returned from working the harvest in Argentina, and is looking for housing in Napa. Ideally it is close to downtown, and she can live alone or in a share. Please forward leads to me and I’ll get them to her.



Sumo Deadlift find 3 Rep Max

Push Press on the minute:
9 Minutes:  Every Minute on the minute 3 push presses

Directly Following the Push press WOD: 3x max reps clapping push ups

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